Concrete Sleeve Anchor
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The concrete sleeve anchor design allows them to anchor into concrete, brick and block. Sleeve anchors work by inserting them into a hole drilled into concrete. Turning the nut pulls the working end of the sleeve anchor up through the sleeve, expanding and anchoring itself securely in the concrete, brick or block.

Hsien Sun is a professional anchor nuts manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, and provide a series of sleeve anchors. The sleeve anchors are extensively demanded in engineering, construction and automotive industries. Clients can custom sleeve anchors in various sizes and dimensions according to industry needs.

The sleeve anchors are made for dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength to meet market needs.

  • Size: M6-M12, 1/4"-5/8".
  • Material: Steel / Stainless Steel.
  • Finish: Heat Treatment, Plating.
  • The sleeve anchors can be customized according customer's draw.
  • Minimum order amount determined according to the size of sleeve anchors.
  • The sleeve anchors are application in building industry.