Anchor Nuts, Anchors, Special Nuts, Bushes, Screws

Hsien Sun Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1973 in Tainan County, southern Taiwan, has been engaged in manufacturing nuts and related fasteners as one of the most seasoned makers in the sector on the island.

Staring with making nuts for use in bicycles, the company has evolved into a competent supplier with comprehensive nut portfolio, including conical nuts, anchor nuts, sleeve anchors, heavy-duty anchors, nylon hammer fittings, wedge anchors, furniture nuts, cap nuts, auto parts, T-type nuts, square nuts, hex and round coupling nuts, thread nuts, locking nuts and other special nuts.

Realizing the changing global trends, the firm has developed high-end nuts and thus become Taiwan`s first nut maker to manufacture construction-use conical nuts and other specialty nuts. The company`s anchor nut for construction is available in materials of general iron and galvanized iron, and has been certificated by CE mark.

The company's strenuous efforts on upgrading its production technology and improving product quality have helped it to earn a solid name as one of the most reliable OEM (original equipment manufacturing) nut suppliers in the world.